Make your Instagram account really popular!
Get likes and video views from users you choose
Automatically or on selected posts

Make your Instagram account really popular!

Choose the number of additional likes or video views for every new post, press Start and you’re good to go! We will be automatically tracking your new publications adding new, cheap Instagram likes or video views to them.

Moreover, you can buy followers too - in this case you will be getting new or automatic Instagram likes from your followers. So even the most meticulous analysis will show that the activity is real.

We’re better, our accounts are real!

Our competitiors are providing you with likes and followers from accounts with nearly zero posts, followers and followings and it looks silly at best. We are adding you likes and views only from active accounts, that make posts themselves, have followers, followings and their own interests and look real. These accounts make you feel as if you have automatic Instagram views coming in!

You decide who follows and likes your content - not us!

You can choose the country, interests, and even gender for the accounts that will be leaving you likes, watching your videos and becoming your followers. For example, if you’re selling women’s clothes in the U.S., it will make sense for you to get activity from women in the States who are into fashion, instead of from guys in Pakistan or elsewhere. This will enable you to get to Instagram top posts, and other benefits.

Likes, views and followers stay with you forever!

We’re adding activity from real looking accounts, so they’re not getting banned by Instagram - therefore you’ll never be stripped of bought likes, views and followers. Buy Instagram views, likes and followers from us, and they stay with you loyally forever :) But if something goes wrong and you notice that some activity has gone away - tell us and we will add it back free of charge.

Sounds tempting, but you find it hard to belive that we’re really doing all of this?

Sign up for our free trial right now, before you buy Instagram likes from us, and see for yourself! We will NOT ask you for your Instagram password.

You will get access to a fully functional version of our service with 300 free likes and 300 video views, which you wil be able to add either to a single post or to every new publication of yours.

Likeattack Reviews


I am still reviewing the service but until now guys the quality is extremely high! Haven't seen anything else as good as this one! Give it a try


Badrman is here,
I tested your service, All i can say is you're the most fast service i ever used.
Thank in advance and i advice all blackhatter's to use this service and Thank you guys for letting me testing your service and is time know to purchase some.


the best service i found around.

Is fast, and the followers are good profiles with posts, photos and likes.
I love this service.


Wow fastest service I've tried so far! Would love if you had PayPal as a payment option


Service Approved.
Great interface.
Instant delivery.
Accounts look natural enough.
Not sure that they will count for powerlikes, but helps social-proof an account. I'll definitely be using it for a couple whitehat projects.
Thanks, OP!


Yep,received, powerfull tool. Easy to use, clean design and likes/followers received as it say. Also you have feature to choose country of followers and time/followers. Thanks for opportunity to test the platform and Packages looks "appetizing"


I received promocode from OP and added 500 new followers to my IG account, likes and views will use later. Service is easy to use, simple and friendly interface. It is safe to use, and good thing is option to set up frequency and number of followers, likes, views, which makes all service more safe and serious.
I will recommend it since experience is high positive, and also price is not high. Thanks for giveaway, keep good work.


Okay figured out I had to ADD the amount of people and how many per hour bad. Love likeattack wanna know more about the 500k.


This is such a great service guys!
I have already started seeing results (increase in steady IG likes and followers)
Have yet to test the IG views but so far so good. Great service for sure!!


Already in ♥ with this awesome tool :)
Using it since past 24 hours, will place a detailed and honest review soon :)
Till now, everything is easy and quick :D
PS: Till now the safest IG automatic tool ever seen on BHW Market Thread