Buying likes, views and followers on Instagram — yay or nay?

How’s buying likes and video views going to help me get real followers?

Firstly, this will drastically increase the chance of your account being featured in the Top tab (aka Popular or Discover). This will mean more people will see your content every time they tap that Search button, which is key to building exposure — a key metric when it comes to attracting followers.

Finstagram — for once, let’s get real

A few months ago Instagram released an update allowing users to have more than one account with and easy way to switch between them. With that came a new trend over the horizon — finstagram. In a nutshell, it is a ‘fake’ Instagram account where one can post ‘real’ photos — unedited, not so piucture-perfect, unpolished stuff. The ones you might not have posted on the main account (which is now dubbed ‘Rinsta’ btw) because they, well, were too ulgy, silly or stupid. So, how likeablse is this idea?

Instagram stories — a cool new feature or plagiarism?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed and most likely have used a new Instagram feature — Stories. That thing when you upload one or a series of pictures or videos with captions on top, that are automatically erased a few hours later. And it’s all cool, except… we’ve already seen something like that before. Way before in fact — on Snapchat. So did Instagram really create something new, or did it just flat-out copy an existing service? Let’s weigh the two platforms.


Ready to engage — keeping your Instagram followers active

If you’re into Instagram business, you hard it is to get your company’s page out there. How does a new account goes from 0 to hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers? Is it big budgets? Smart SMM? Right time and place? And even when you have a solid following, how to keep comments and likes coming, keep people engaged? One thing is for sure — it’s a lot of hard work. Below is a few tips how to put your Instagram growth into the fifth gear.