How’s buying likes and video views going to help me get real followers?

Firstly, this will drastically increase the chance of your account being featured in the Top tab (aka Popular or Discover). This will mean more people will see your content every time they tap that Search button, which is key to building exposure - a key metric when it comes to attracting followers.

Secondly, people like what other people like. Newcomers to your gallery will be more inclined to follow you if they see that your content is already popular among other people.

Why Likeattack?

Every like and video view we provide comes from active accounts which themselves behave the way people on Instagram do. Mind that Likeattack is the only service out there offering automated views for your videos - not just likes, so you won’t have this gap in numbers indicating that some of your activity is purchased. It’s as organic and natural as it gets :) We provide the best customer service and never charge you before all activity is delivered to your Likeattack dashboard.

Why am I getting my Activity slowly?

Our algorithm is pouring activity to your account using the most common pattern - meaning you are receiving likes, followers and views at the same pace as you would have if you reached users organically. We are not withholding any activity - you will rather sooner than later get every like you ordered :)

What if I want quicker delivery? Can I adjust the speed?

Yes, you can adjust the speed of delivery using our dashboard. Please note that we’ve capped the maximum speed due to safety reasons: quicker activity could set off Instagram’s red flags and get our accounts suspended. Also our default settings are providing you with activity at the most natural pace, using the most common behavioral patterns of Instagram users. However, you can always reduce the speed and have your activity delivered slower.

Do I need to stay online to receive activity?

No, the moment you check Add likes/views to new posts checkbox and the transaction completes our servers take over from you. Everything happens in the cloud - so you can order activity, switch off the computer and go to bed.

What happens if I log out?

Activity keeps pouring to your account - all operations happen on our servers, so you don’t have to be logged in to get activity.

I bought an activity package but no longer want it - how can I stop the process?

Yes, simply click stop all button at the dashboard or uncheck Add likes/views to new posts checkbox

Is it possible to pay with a credit/debit card?

Yes, we use safe and secure payment processing service CloudPayments, Visa and Mastercard are welcome.

Can I buy activity using PayPal?

Not yet, we are working on it. If it's mandatory please contact us at and we'll try to integrate it faster.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. For every customer you bring, you get 50% of activity in his first purchase to your account - gratis ;)

I run multiple Instagram accounts - can I manage them all under a single likeAttack profile?

Yes, we have an easy-to-use dashboard for that. You have a single likes/views balance for all the accounts you connect, so you’re free to distribute likes however you see fit between any number of profiles.

How do I delete my Instagram account from LikeAttack?

LikeAttack doesn’t leave any traces on your account - all activity you get is the same as if you were getting it organically. So the moment your last purchased activity package runs out LikeAttack stops any interactions with your Instagram profile.

Can I pause my activity?

Yes you can, simply click stop all or uncheck Add likes/views to new posts checkbox.

Is it safe to buy likes and video views?

Yes, with Likeattack it is absolutely safe. We have carefully researched Instagram activity limits and our accounts are working way below those numbers.

Why am I not getting any activity?

There can be a number of reasons to that, but the most common one is that Instagram updated its algorithms. Instagram can put some limits on your account or exact post. This is a routine thing and we need to make some adjustments on our side too. Don’t worry, all of your purchased activity, both likes and video views, are safe and we will deliver it in a bit - either to the same post, or on a different one or even on another account of yours.

How do I transfer/split my remaining likes/views?

You can’t because you don’t have to :) You can connect as many Instagram profiles to your Likeattack account as you want. There you have a single balance, so when you purchase a package of likes/views, you can split it up between your Instagram profiles however you want.

Can I buy followers?

Yes, you can. Please click “add followers” button in your dashboard.

Still have questions?

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