Why buying likes, views and followers on Instagram?

Firstly, the sufficient amount of likes or views will help your posts to appear in the Top tab (Popular or Discover). This way more people will see your content by tapping the Search button and will follow you eagerly.

Secondly, people like what others like. The users that aren’t familiar with your account will follow you if they see that your content is already popular among other users. Comments that are added for free to every like/views package are guaranteed to make your account look more engaging.

Why Likeattack?

Every like and video view provided comes from active accounts which behave the way people on Instagram do. You should also buy Instagram views for your videos — not just likes, so that the growth of your account would seem organic and natural. We provide the best customer service and never charge you before all activity is delivered to your Instagram account.

Why Activity of adding likes is slow?

You are receiving likes, followers, views and comments at the same pace as you would have if you reached users organically. This helps to make your account’s growth organic for Instagram.

You can adjust the speed of delivery in the dashboard. But the maximum speed is limited due to safety reasons: quicker activity could set off Instagram’s red flags and get our accounts suspended. You can also reduce the speed and have your activity delivered slower.

Do I need to be online to get likes and followers?

No, when you click the start button and the transaction completes our servers take over from you. Everything happens in the cloud — so you can order activity, switch off the computer and go to bed.

What if I log out?

All operations take place on our servers, so you don’t have to be logged in to get likes, views and followers on Instagram.

How can I stop the process?

Click stop button at the dashboard.

Can I pay with a credit/debit card?

Yes, through a cloudpayment. You can pay with PayPal option too.

Can I manage several Instagram accounts under a single LikeAttack profile?

Yes, you have a single likes/views balance for all the accounts you add in your dashboard, so you can distribute likes and views as you want.

How to delete an Instagram account from LikeAttack?

LikeAttack doesn’t leave any traces on your account — all activity you get is the same as if you were getting it organically. Just click delete the account and it will be removed from your dashboard.

Can I pause my activity?

Yes, click stop.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes and views?

Yes, with Likeattack it is absolutely safe. We have carefully researched Instagram activity limits and our accounts are working way below those numbers.

How do I transfer my remaining likes/views?

You can add as many Instagram profiles to your Likeattack dashboard as you want. There you have a single balance, so when you purchase a package of likes/views, you can split it up between your Instagram profiles how you want.

Can I buy followers?

Yes, you can. Please click “add followers” button in your dashboard.