Smart ways to use hashtags on Instagram

If you read tips across the Internet it’s often that the blogs offer you to add a great number of popular hashtags to your Instagram posts. But will it be useful for your Instagram account growth? Will it help you to get more likes  and followers on Instagram?

Certainly when you make a post you get likes from your followers and new users, but you don’t target the audience that would be really interested in your account as it’s unlikely that your potential followers will check the posts under popular hashtags and come across your post.

Most popular Instagram hashtags

For example: you are social media marketer at a dog shelter and you tag your posts with such hashtags: #instagood #cute #adorable #love #dogs #puppy. In a week you grow your Instagram followers significantly but the users that have made likes and followed you aren’t your potential customers.

Instagram post with popular hashtags
How to act instead?

We recommend to use all 30 hashtags available to each Instagram post: 10 popular and 20 of niche ones. How this mix works? Popular hashtags draw likes and comments to your post as it can appear in some TOP hashtags pages or in the Discover section while niche tags let your target audience to be aware of your profile.

How to detect them? Niche hashtag is usually used in less than 30,000 posts when popular hashtag – in about 80,000 posts and more. It’s for you to decide which hashtags to use for the exact post but we recommend to make several combinations and check which will be the most effective.  In the example described the niche hashtags are  #dogshelter, #shelterdog, #shelterpets, #savedogs, #adoptadog e.t.c.

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