Should you use Instagram automation tools to grow your account?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks where all famous brands and bloggers create the accounts and make daily posts there. All users having business or personal account are looking for the ways to grow their followers community. The more followers you gain the more successful account you have. Popular accounts let users earn money on Instagram: they can promote their products and services, other brands and user, make contests and more.

If you have ever looked for the tips on growing Instagram account across the Internet surely you’ve seen a great number of posts with different useful guides described. But actually there are only two common methods: automated or organic Instagram account growth.

Automated/organic way

Organic method supposes your activity: posts likes, comments, other users follows – in other words it the user who engages on Instagram.

Automation method on the contrary means that the bots act on Instagram: they like, comment and follow on user’s behalf, the only thing to do manually is to set the hashtags or users to target the right audience. This way can facilitate your efforts as you don’t need to spend much time on Instagram. Individuals, bloggers, brands and influencers – all of them use automation to gorw their Instagram accounts and to make them more engaging.

If you’re interested if the blogger or your competitor use the automation bot you can check it by monitoring this user actions on Instagram. Basing on the likes and follows made weekly you can define if the monitoring results correspond to the usual user behavior on Instagram.

How to check the Instagram growth method used

As we stated you should monitor the user activity. We offer to use Snoopreport to achieve this aim. Enter the username, set the weeks number of monitoring and finally get the user activity report:

Mass liking method used on Instagram

The report example displays that the user made 2482 likes within a week and this number is greatly higher than the usual activity which is about 50-500 likes a week. In this situation we can make a conclusion about the mass liking way applied.

The same with the follows:

Follow-to-follow method applied by the Instagram user

If an user followed more than 50 users on Instagram, it’s definitely follow-to-follow method of Instagram automation. If the report provides the data of hundreds follows made in a week we can affirm that it’s the bots-driven activity not the user’s one.

As a bonus have a look at the completely automated activity performed by the brand’s Instagram account to attract more users to like and follow it back:

Mass liking and follow-to-follow method used by the brand’s Instagram account

Of course, it’s your choice of using one of the ways described to grow your community. But the automation can be really helpful for your Instagram account especially if you’ve just started your business on Instagram. As you can see the users we mentioned above have about 20,000-40,000 followers on Instagram and continue to increase this number.

In addition to bot-driven activity we also advise to buy automatic Instagram likes and views so your posts would look more popular. We recommend Likeattack as the best place to buy Instagram likes.