Instagram stories — new feature or plagiarism?

Instagram added a new feature  in its app— Stories. It allows you to post one or several photos or videos with hashtags and stickers, that are automatically erased in 24 hours. But it’s not an innovation as this option have been already available  on Snapchat. So is Instagram new feature “Stories” is really a new discovery or just a flat-out copy of an existing service? Let’s compare two networks.

Well, the idea of Instagram Stories is remindful to the Snapchat one. It’s becoming interesting if the users prefer Instagram as an exclusive service or they continue to use Snapchat because of the funny interactive filters.

But there is one difference:  Instagram Stories is a lot easier to use than Snapchat. Snapchat is more complicated especially if you missed the introduction of the app and the different swipes can really confuse you. That’s why Instagram has done a fantastic job at cleaning the idea up and making the interface user-friendly for everyone.

Ultimately, Facebook tried to introduce a similar service in the form of Slingshot and it didn’t work well. But ‘Instagram’ Stories can become a really successful addition to the constantly growing network. Will Snapchat add in new features in reply? Regardless of whether it is similar to Snapchat or not, there is no denying that Stories is fantastic feature and all Instagram users will share their stories with their followers. Stories can really make your account more popular. To gain more followers, don’t wait while new users discover your profile: buy likes and followers to make your account more popular right now by using Likeattack.