How to make money on Instagram

Instagram becomes more popular social network to make money online. Celebrities and famous brands create their accounts to enlarge their audience and promote different products and services. And there is a great number of raising Instagram stars that are gaining more followers each day just by posting their photos and videos, and creating stories.

If you are ready to become a successful Instagram user and earn from your posts and stories, read our useful tips below.

Choose how you will earn

There are different methods to make money on Instagram:

  • Become an influencer and promote brands – when you’ll get hundreds or thousands followers you can collaborate with brands on Instagram and make the promoted posts with links to their accounts or products. The brands are always eager to work with Instagram influencers as they bring more potential customers to brands accounts
  • Drive sales with affiliate links – the scheme is simple: you post the link to any product in your bio and when you followers click it and make the payment you’ll get the commission for driving the sales. Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay and other shopping websites offer such opportunities. But there is a flaw in this method: Instagram lets you post only one link in your bio so you should change it regularly. But if you have more than 10,000 followers you can convert your account to business profile and posts stories with links.
  • Sell your own products and services – you can sell physical goods as clothes and cosmetics, and also some digital items: photographs, videos and music. Instagram can be a great starting point to become an entrepreneur, spreading awareness of your business, and growing you followers and customers community.

Select a niche

After signing up on Instagram you should decide on the content you will post. Think about the best topic for you, the study of the account categories can really help. There are many of them: fashion, food, beauty, fitness, art and nature are the most popular. The choice of category will also help you to make a list of the popular and niche hashtags you will add to your posts. Niche hashtags are very important as they make your content more visible to your target audience and can raise your posts to the top in Instagram feed.

Make a content plan

When you’ve determined with the account category and made a hashtags list, it’s time to think about the content you will post. Define theme, posts types (products photos, humoristic pictures, videos and so on. Make a schedule of posting – research perfect hours to posts when your audience is online and publish posts regularly.  Don’t forget to engage other users, follow them and like their posts to attract more people to follow and like you back.

Multiply your followers count

To become successful on Instagram you need to have a large number of followers. It can be quite challenging especially for newcomers. Organic methods like hashtags, follows, engagement can help you with it but you can also accelerate the process. To grow your Instagram account use automation services. We recommend to buy Instagram likes cheap on Likeattack.

Likeattack is the service that helps you to add likes to your photos and views to your videos so they become more visible to Instagram users. You can buy active Instagram followers as well so your account would look more popular and real users will follow you more willingly. It’s a great way to save your effort and time.

Feel free to use our tips to become a new influencer on Instagram!