How to get the Instagram post on the TOP page by hashtag

In this post you’ll learn a simple way to raise your post to the top by hashtag on Instagram using Likeattack service. Instagram algorithm of setting posts on top can easily hacked. Your post will appear on the TOP page of certain hashtag’s page if it gets a significant amount of likes and/or comments.

Here is the sample of the post created to get to the top. In 41 minutes it got to the top by several hashtags. Look at the gold Apple watch photo, it’s the post we published.

The picture is clickable. You can see all hashtags there

This post gained the top of the feed by following hashtags: #applewatchsport #applewatchedition #dohafashion #instadoha #dohaqatar #kuwaitfashion #kuwait_city #luxuryshopping #dubaiwatchclub #instaqatar #engraved

We posted it under the account with 21,000 followers and added 100 likes at the fastest speed using Likeattack to achieve the goal.

Thus, the speed of getting likes and the quality of users you are getting them from matters, but it’s important to beat the competitor’s speed of receiving likes and your activity shouldn’t be suspicious to Instagram to get on top.

Exact amount of likes and a time frame they must be added varies depending on competition for the certain hashtag. We use Likeattack as it’s the best place to buy Instagram likes, views and followers from.