How Instagram automation can grow your account

If you’re looking for the the ways to save your time for managing your social media business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest you should consider the automation. For Instagram e.g., you are able to automate posting, engagement and ads with  special tools and a few settings and to spare your time for other work.

However the wrong choice of the tools and strategy plus the lack of the proper knowledge can lead to your money expenses without achieving the goal.
Instagram automation tools offer Instagram bots that will like other users and follow them on your behalf but their use can lead your Instagram account to loss of your followers and even to a ban.

So we’d like to give you some advice before you proceed to Instagram automation.

1. Automate your posting

Instagram marketers tend to post photos and videos every day to keep the followers engaged and draw the target audience. If you research the hours of your audience activity you can get the largest traffic by making posts at the right time. But it’s hard to keep the posting regular as there are always other work to do so you can delay it or even forget about. To maintain the Instagram marketing, use one of the social management tools that will post photos on your account – all you should do is to prepare the list of photos and set the posting schedule.

2. Set up your Instagram ads

To gain more popularity, business accounts have an option to promote their posts with advertisement on Instagram. Some tools can automate your ads campaigns. To avoid the manual ads addition, you can use tools that will launch the campaigns, clone them, pause them. Just make the set of rules and then basing on the reports provided manage your budget, test the new strategies and apply the analytics to schedule your marketing strategy.

3. Like Instagram users in a smart way

Instagram bans the users for violation their terms and conditions frequently. The engagement is the best way to grow your account: likes and comments, follows of other users draw new followers to follow you. The organic engagement is really time consuming but the automation can really be effective: let the bot act instead of you. To make the process natural you should drive the bots actions: target the relevant hashtags, users from your audience, refine comments as they are usually a kind of nonsense. Make the speed of engagement organic taking into account that the Instagram limits are 60 follows, 60 comments, and 350 likes per hour.

4. Make your account attractive

The users will like your posts more probably if they see that other users have already liked it. To get the first likes we advise to buy Instagram likes to your photo or video and get more from your followers.

The use of automation tools can really help you with development of your Instagram marketing strategy. Follow the tips we described in this article. If you have some experience of automated account growth, share it in comments!

The automation service to buy automatic Instagram likes and views we recommend is Likeattack – it provides the active accounts with the behavior similar to real Instagram users.