Grow your followers on Instagram and keep them active

If you plan to start your business on Instagram the following questions can come to your mind: how does a new account gain thousands of followers? Do you have to spend lots of money for your account growth? How to keep comments and likes coming, keep people engaged?

We’d like to share the tips useful to get likes on Instagram and grow your Instagram followers.

1. Pay attention to quality

Good pictures involve users emotionally. Show your followers something new and amazing. It can be several photos you post, some to strive for.

If you doubt what filter to use, try ‘Clarendon’ that is potentially the best to get more likes (by Canva’s study).

Plus improve your photos by:

  • Using natural light when possible
  • Avoiding editing your pictures significantly
  • Taking multiple photos from different angles
  • Using Instagram’s grid feature to keep your shots straight and centred
2. Make your Account Public

Don’t follow the rule that “the more interesting thing is the one that’s harder to get”. It doesn’t work for Instagram, plus sending a follow request isn’t so popular among Instagram users as they don’t have an opportunity to evaluate your content immediately. Even if you approve new Followers quite quickly, users aren’t patient and most of them won’t request to follow you. Public Instagram account will make your posts accessible to more people and interactive as a result. If the pictures you post  are excellent— show them to the world!

3. Schedule the Time to Post

It’s important when you upload your pictures as it influences on the number of Likes and Comments you get. The best time to post on Instagram is about 5 PM EST. Obviously don’t post at exactly 5–6–7 PM, try a range of time periods until you find the best time schedule.

4. Like other users posts

Don’t be an Instagram ‘Lurker’. Like and comment posts that are related to the content of your Instagram profile. Instagram users usually engage your content if you do the same. A good idea is to like a collection of photos from one user that will like your posts back and remain active on the pictures you post in future

5. Users like posts that others like

It’s obvious that users follow an account that is not very popular less often. Also Instagram tracks your account  stats— reach, impressions, engagement and so on. So the more likes and views you get — the more possible that your posts will appear on the Discover page and more users will wee them.

So don’t hesitate to buy Instagram likes and followers on LikeAttack — our likes are real to Instagram as you get them organically because of tailored algorithms.