Finstagram — fake accounts to be real

Instagram released an update and now users are able to create several accounts and switch between them. With this option the new trend appeared— finstagram. What is it? It is a ‘fake’ Instagram account where an user can post ‘real’  unedited and unpolished photos. The ones you don’t wat to post on the main account (which is dubbed ‘Rinsta’) because they are ugly, silly or stupid in your opinion. So, how do you accept this idea?

With a Finsta, you accept requests from your closest friends or complete strangers — depending on your choice. That way the users the photos you share with won’t care. They either know you too well, or don’t know at all. Try entering the #finsta hashtag, you’ll see what we are talking about.

That’s right, many older users are rather insecure about how they are appreciated online. So they’re using a fake Instagram account to grow followers by being who they truly are and avoiding anyone they know. Unexpectedly these accounts often become more popular then their real ones because their natural appearance is more attractive!

The idea of Finstagram is really fascinating. It eliminates the annoying and often stressful impact of Instagram. The users shouldn’t be cautious all the time not to reveal something that will draw the negative attention. Although having a Finsta does mean spending more time on social media with the two Instagram accounts. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, we’ll let you decide!

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