Different reasons to buy Instagram likes and views

In the previous article we’ve explained how you can get likes on Instagram: by using niche hashtags or buying automatic Instagram likes. Usually users tend to buy likes and views on Instagram to grow their Instagram account.

But we’d like to show other reasons the users buy Instagram followers, likes and views. Below you can read our conclusions we’ve made from our experience.

  1. The most common reason to to buy auto likes is to multiply the followers count and to show that the brand is popular on Instagram.
  2. Users buy likes to make their posts appear in hashtag’s TOP and discovery pages and draw real followers. You can learn more about this method in our article.
  3. Quite smart reason is to buy some likes for every post with the brand hashtag. With that the followers are motivated to use the hashtags for their photos and stories as well.
  4. If the post contains a photo displaying the important event such as a birthday party or a wedding anniversary, the users may buy lots of likes to underline the value of the post.
  5. There is a tendency on Instagram when users offer to take part in some contests or a quiz game. Such posts bring new followers to their account. Followers on the other hand buy likes to win the competition. If you want to take a part in similar game be aware that the more likes you buy the more followers you need to have.
  6. Every business on Instagram have its competitors.  If it’s difficult to draw the competitors followers to your account there is a way to make their accounts suspicious for Instagram: buy likes for their posts and wait until the subscribers blame them of cheating.

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