Common mistakes when buying Instagram likes and followers

Users on Instagram use all the possible ways to grow their Instagram accounts as the more followers and likes they get the more popular they are. One of the ways to grow an Instagram account is the purchase of likes and followers. It’s the useful method when you don’t have enough time to engage users: like and comment their posts, follow them.

But when you look for the best place to buy Instagram likes you should choose it in a smart way. Read our tips how to buy the quality Instagram followers.

But usually the Instagram users enter the request “how to get likes on Instagram fast” on Google and click the first link offered without checking the Instagram likes and followers provider they pay to. Below we’ll describe the mistakes the users make when trying to buy active Instagram followers.

Providing login access

There are a lot of scams on Internet that are trying to steal your login info and your Instagram account. Some services that seem to provide automatic Instagram likes and views are designed to get your password and your account will be lost. Don’t provide the password of your Instagram account to anyone and give access to your profile details to only verified services.

When buying auto likes on Instagram, select the tool that needs only the username of your Instagram account to pour activity on it so you’d be 100% sure of your account security.

Adding likes of poor quality

When you buy Instagram likes cheap, you should be ready that the quality of the Instagram likes will leave much to be desired: Instagram users that leave them have strange usernames with a lot of numbers, bad quality profile photos or even no photos at all. When other followers check which users like your posts they can accuse you in using the automation to grow your account. New followers won’t subscribe to your posts if they learn that you buy Instagram likes.

Before buying a large package check if the likes provided are from the real-looking profiles so your Instagram account growth would seem natural.

Buying inactive and spammy followers

As we have already mentioned, the Instagram likes should come from real-looking accounts. The same is with the followers you buy. They also should have real usernames and good profile photos. Plus, their posts count shouldn’t equal zero, they should have a sufficient number of photos and new posts should be published as well. The bio section is also integral part. The real users write their hobbies, job, interests and it’s important that the followers bought have the similar information not some gibberish symbols.

Using services with uncompleted orders

Among the great variety of services there are some that don’t provide Instagram likes and followers at all. You can make a payment on the website but after you won’t get the service. Before making purchase, study thoroughly the reviews on Internet and buy with Paypal preferably as it’s possible to request the refund with it.

But another situation is that you get likes on Instagram but not the amount you’ve ordered. For example, you buy 1000 likes but only 800 likes are added. It can happen because Instagram bans the suspicious and spammy-looking accounts actively and you can loose the likes and followers bought.

Pay attention to the accounts quality, try the small packages first and inquire the provider if he would be ready to compensate the loss in case of bans.

Not paying attention to delivery speed

The buyers usually don’t pay attention to the speed of likes and followers delivery. But it can be useful: the first likes can get you to the top of the Instagram hashtags pages. And you definitely won’t be happy if the likes bought will be added in a week or more. The fast addition can also be a negative point as this way your growth will look like automated and Instagram can ban your account.

Choose the service that offers the organic speed so your activity would seem natural and more users would follow your account willingly.

To buy automatic likes and views we recommend to use Likeattack service as it’s the Instagram automation tool that offers the Instagram followers that look real with active behavior. Plus you can buy likes and views to make your posts more popular among other users.