6 tips to get likes on Instagram

On Instagram users constantly follow each other Instagram accounts, like and comment posts. Popular accounts with thousands and million followers get more likes and comments and get followed by a greater number of users than ordinary profiles.
To grow your Instagram profile you need to gain a lot of likes. There are different ways to obtain them: some are free but time-consuming, some are fast and effortless but cost some expenses.
Let’s study the most used free ways to increase the likes number on your posts.

Use hashtags

Hashtags let you attract users to your account and make it more visible among others. The only challenge that emerges – how to choose the best hashtags for your posts?

The Instagram limits for hashtags are 30 so use them wisely. Firstly add 1/3 of the popular hashtags. Don’t use only them as niche hashtags usually work better and help your post to appear in the top page. You can use different tools to define the popular and suitable hashtags if you’re not sure which of them to use. Mix the popular and niche hashtags differently for each posts to get likes and then analyze which set is the most effective for your account.

Engage users

As the popularity goes with engagement, you should engage other users as well. Follow more users, like their posts, leave comments and involve other users in conversation. It’s better to engage the users of your target audience so you will have better chances to get more follows. You can apply the search by hashtags to find your potential followers. Another way is to check the popular account’s followers with the same category/theme as your accounts has. Engage these followers to draw them to like your posts.

Create a like-to-enter giveaway

The contests attract a lot of users so you can gain a lot of likes. The idea is to make an engaging photo of the prize you offer and add a caption, e.g. “like this photo to get a chance to win…”. Add relevant hashtags! Such contests are the best ways to grow your account as the users usually participate willingly with a simple double tap on the photo. But don’t forget to award the prize to the winner.

There are also paid ways to get like on Instagram.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers became an integral part of Instagram. Their promotional posts always bring new likes and followers to your account. You should contact such users so they would promote your post or account. The top influencers will affect your budget so we suppose to pay attention on the quality of thier followers: don’t select the influencer with the thousands of followers but check the users who affect your target audience. So collaborate with micro influencers – they usually request the affordable price and have the followers community that will engage your account.

Run Instagram advertisement

For all business account there is an option on Instagram to promote posts and account by buying ads. Ads have all possible formats as photos, videos, carousel and stories. The only condition is to convert your Instagram account to the business profile. Instagram lets you customize the audience to target by location, interests, demographics, behaviors and so on. Instagram ads attract likes and followers to your account, and also increase your website clicks and your account (brand) awareness.

Buy Instagram likes

To get likes on Instagram you can simply buy them. But you shouldn’t just buy a ton of likes to every post: it can lead to a ban. Add 5-10% automatic likes of the number of followers so your followers will seem active; if you think the amount of likes isn’t enough, first buy some followers as well so the activity on your account wouldn’t seem suspicious.

Use Likeattack to buy automatic Instagram likes and views that come from active accounts which behave the way people on Instagram do. Plus you can buy active Instagram followers as well.

Don’t hesitate to use our tips to get more likes on Instagram! What methods do you use? Share with us in comments!